Anne Lindfjeld


35 years old, Pro international tattoo model going on 16 years now. Mother of two, gamer (ps4 & xbox one), metalhead and heavy lifter.
Started my mocelling carrer in 2001, and got submittet as a Suicidegiel. Spent a few years on the site, but decided it got too big and too xrated for me, so i left in good blood. After that, I’ve gone on to model for a variety of companies in USA and Europe, mainly NYC, LA, Berlin and Copenhagen. I picked up the perfect job for MTV Nordic, as a VJ, for Headbangers Ball, made my own show called Let There Be Rock, and i hostet MTV NEWS. After 4 years it ended, since MTV stopped producing music tv over here 🙁 but i kept on trucking, and did a bunch of different tv shows here in Denmark. Then came the kids, and i took a long as break from it all, especially the media, so i could focus on being a badass mom. Now, I feel I’m ready to throw myself out there, and I have been for a little. Now looking to do a lot.

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