Bibiana Atada


I am a spirited spanish girl who was born and raised in the beautiful Switzerland. In my youth I was able to model for well-known agencies, what has brought me plenty of experience. A long-time hobby of mine was the dance, which I had then exercised over years almost professionally.

But the model has not penetrated to the less to put on the contrary, so I decided myself, all my strength and energy back into the model professional. As I had bought my first latex catsuit and have others felt the indescribable feeling on my skin, there was no stopping me. This was the entry into the fetish world. Since then, I have the possibility to present and work with very creative designers of latex brands and well-known photographers.

Within the years more and more tattoos adorned my body and I got a tattoo model increase request, which made me huge fun. Quite often you can still see me on the catwalks in various cities around the globe, on which I can present the most wonderful creations for various latex labels.

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