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Jessianne Smudin


Growing up, Jessianne Marie was never one to settle for mediocre. Although she endured many obstacles and hardships, she has always managed to rise above and conquer. Jessianne began her modeling career in 2012 after being told time and time again that she is a natural in front of the camera. It wasn’t long before she began to venture deeper into the modeling world, building her portfolio, competing in international competitions, and expanding her network.

Jessianne is always looking to push the limits and step out of the box to create beautiful, artistic images and work with distinguished companies, photographers, artists, and labels worldwide. She continues to take on new projects and opportunities to grow her professional network and portfolio.

Aside from modeling, Jessianne enjoys snowboarding, long-boarding, fishing, and cooking. Being a new mother, she has expanded her creativity into a business venture catering to childrens fashion. Jessianne utilizes social medias such as Instagram, Blogger, and YouTube to document her journey and endeavors, giving her followers a window into her personal and professional life as well as keeping herself connected to those who have continuously supported her along the way.

For Jessianne, there is no end in sight as she continues to grow herself, her business, and her brand.