Miss Nadia Noir


My education is the number one focus in my life; Biology will always be my first love.
Born first-generation American,
raised by hard-working doctors from North Africa,
I had been conditioned to focus on my education,
never realizing the freedoms that being an American entails.
Loosing 1/3rd of my total body weight in 2011 not only helped me gain self-confidence but also provided an opportunity I never deemed possible.
With some reservation, I entered a modeling contest by submitting photos to a clothing line.
Despite loosing miserably, I enjoyed shooting so much that I began searching for more opportunities.
Through these experiences I have learned a lot about myself and all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

The future is my inspiration.
Never allow horrible experiences to define you; influential opportunities quite often present themselves.
It is in our power to create our own path in life; our actions and motives provide us with the ability to achieve any goal.

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